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Jellaba, kaftan, slippers and carpets. This Moroccan clothing in particular represents all the cultural and artistic diversity of the country. Since the advent of weaving, 100 years ago.

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Baldi'S Basics

BALDISTORE It is an online store selling traditional products inspired by Moroccan culture with a very modern touch but completely original which will allow you to touch an ancient civilization, and bring back memories of the beautiful Moroccan culture and culture.

moroccan culture

The cultural richness of Morocco passes through the traditional crafts that have existed, for a few years now, in a more designed version.

Various different materials are meticulously crafted by hand using machines and tools that have remained largely traditional baldi’s basics  , to make decorative and everyday objects. Tableware, furniture, jewelry and clothes, you will definitely take some Moroccan souvenirs with you!

Morocco is also a country of crafts. In Safi, Fez or Zagora, you can discover ceramics. In Ouarzazate,highlights the carpet industry. Marrakech is no less important than its predecessors: among other activities, leather industry. Tanners make slippers, bags, and salon tools. A collection of tasteful creations that blend the most daring aesthetic innovations with charming traditionalism.



Find the best moroccan rug or carpet with baldistore

Moroccan Rug

The cities of Rabat, Fez and Tetouan offer you a wide range of Moroccan handicraft products, including authentic Moroccan carpets that are still celebrated in some antique cities.

The rugs are made using original and elaborate patterns, sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the edges, which add great reflection to their designs.

The value of the rug in Morocco is closely related to the number of knots and the designs that it consists of. It is still necessary to distinguish between modern and traditional carpets

traditional clothes

.The traditional clothes are still used in parties and events, and today they adopt an innovative style. Try without waiting the famous Moroccan caftan! Slippers, are also a symbol of authentic Moroccan clothing. This fashion is manifested today in fashion design and the presentation of many creative designs with contemporary models

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