Cover art Meta Fight: Metaverse (Early Access)

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Meta Fight: Metaverse
Meta Fight is the first 3D Battle Metaverse. You can collect parts, create heroes, battle with others, and earn rewards. Challenge yourself with various game modes: Versus, Arena, Special events,… oncoming with monthly updates and attractive rewards in this metaverse. Not only fighting, but you can also build and decorate to make your own unique metaverse heroes from Meta Fight powerful painting tool, the only limit is your imagination! 👑 CREATE A METAVERSE UNIQUE HEROES Joining this metaverse, you are free to customize monopoly heroes by assembling them from separate parts, then use the Meta Fight exclusive paint tool to change the color of individual body parts, apply stickers, draw your own lines on the hero. In addition, beautifully designed heroes in Meta Fight metaverse coming with high power stats will increase their selling price and help its owner earn more in the Marketplace. 👑 THRILLING GAME MODES Get on this metaverse battlefield, involve in a challenging PvP playground, fight against the enemies, climb to the top to earn Meta Fight attractive reward with our multiple game modes: ⚔ Versus 1-vs-1 PvP battle against an opponent chosen randomly by the system. The opponent’s strength is nearly equal to the players’ hero. Players can pay Mefi to find another opponent to battle with. Reward: After winning 3 levels, players will earn a random Supply Box. ⚔ Arena In the Arena battle, players are grouped with other opponents to make a 15-player-group. They must fight each other in PvP mode to climb and maintain the rank in 72 hours. In the end, players will receive Megems based on the Tier in Arena as a reward. ⚔ Ranking After completing a battle season in the Arena, players’ heroes will be ranked on the Global Leaderboard. The top 3 heroes of the last Arena PvP season will be shown on the Meta Fight metaverse Honor Planet. 👑 PLAY HARD, EARN HARDER IN METAFIGHT METAVERSE! Meta Fight metaverse provides a playing ground where you can challenge your own limit, fight with other players, drown into PvP hardest mode, enjoy the moment of battling, … while earning more and more! 💰💰💰 Let’s begin your epic journey, step into the fiercest fighting metaverse. Thousands of valuable rewards and tons of breathtaking battling moments await. Play, Trade, and Earn NOW!!!!

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