How to be nft-millionaire 2022 exclusive

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How to be nft-millionaire 2022 exclusive

How to be nft-millionaire 2022 exclusive with this strategy will make you a metaverse nft-millionaire 2022   in one year if implemented perfectly now you may be thinking that this is just too good to be true but in all actuality it’s a very simple theory that lets you do

this but it’s very
difficult to execute in real life s today i’m going to show you what the strategy is what metaverse projects you should look at investing in and how toearn some extra money on the side so youcan fuel your investing my name is devon

cook let’s become metaverse millionaires and welcome back to dev money morgan stanley just came out and said that the
metaverse is an 8 trillion dollar opportunity now i understand that we throw around words like million and billion and trillion a lot and sometimes
you don’t quite realize how big those numbers actually are so here’s some context i’m going to translate dollarsinto time kind of like with the movie intime with justin timberlake the average

will make you a metaverse nft-millionaire How ?

american makes about sixty seven
thousand dollars per year and if you
translate dollars into seconds with one
dollar equaling one second sixty seven
thousand dollars is about 18 hours so
now have in your mind

that the average
american is making about 18 hours per
year and then when you think about a
million in those terms a million dollars
would be equal to 12 days that’s quite a
few days just less than two weeks not
bad and when you take a billion seconds
that’s going to be equal to 11 000 days
or about 31 years so you can see just
how much bigger a billion is than a
million with a million you just have 12
days with a billion

you have 31 years
and if that’s not crazy enough for you a
trillion seconds is going to be equal to
31 000 years which is just crazy and on
top of that 8 trillion seconds is over
250 000 years so morgan stanley is
saying that the metaverse opportunity if
translated from dollars into time is
equal to about 250 000 years which is
just crazy so i hope that was a helpful
representation to show you just how much
money is going to be going into the
metaverse so if we’re having trillions
of dollars being poured into the
metaverse over the next couple of years
it shouldn’t be too hard to pull out a
million dollars or so for ourselves

so the strategy to become a
nft-millionaire in one year is very simple
in theory but extremely difficult to
execute i cannot stress that enough and
it’s just called the doubles strategy
because what the double strategy does is
it allows you to go from one thousand
dollars to one million dollars in just
10 doubles and in case that’s not
crystal clear what the double strategy
is saying is that if you have one
thousand dollars in your bank account
and you can invest that one thousand
dollars and double it every single month

within 10 months you’re gonna have one
nft-millionaire dollars because all you’re gonna
be doing is taking your one thousand
dollars to two thousand dollars to four
thousand eight thousand sixteen thirty
two sixty four one twenty eight two
fifty six five twelve and one million 24

simple and you're probably thinking how i be nft-millionaire

nft-millionaire,million dollars in one year

10 doubles that’s it now i know that
sounds pretty simple and you’re probably
thinking well everyone should be doing
this just double your money for 10
months and boom you’re a millionaire
perfect but despite how simple that
sounds how many people do you actually

who are doubling their money and
maybe you do know someone that has
doubled their money but how many people
do you know who have doubled their money
on a consistent basis now don’t get me
wrong people are doubling their money
all the time they’re doing it with nfts
they’re doing it with real estate with
stocks with crypto and with luxury

watches doubling an investment does
happen on a regular basis but the
vehicles that one chooses to invest in
vary wildly as does the time frame that
someone is investing for so to say the
least it is very difficult to go from
zero investing experience to doubling
your money let alone doubling your money

on a consistent basis and doubling your
money for 10 consecutive months to hit
that million dollar value is a lot
easier said than done which is why i
keep saying that the strategy is simple
but not easy and also keep in mind that
many people who are on the quest to
double their money to triple their money
to 10x or 100x their money oftentimes
end up losing quite a bit of that money

along the way so we have to be careful
and aware of that and that’s why we
still have a lot to talk about and as a
quick caveat if you were to invest one
thousand dollars at an eight percent
annual return with the goal of hitting nft-millionaire
one million dollars you would take 86
years to get from 1 000 to a million

dollars so understand that when we’re
talking about doubling your money and
getting to a million dollars in one year
that is definitely in the realm of
extraordinary results so trying to hit
10 doubles within one year if that is
your goal means you’re gonna have to be
extremely aggressive with your

investment strategy now i’m gonna share
with you my favorite way to leverage
nfts and crypto to potentially double
your investments and afterwards i’m also
gonna be sharing with you two strategies
so that way you can make extra money on
the side and use that money to fuel

these investments so my favorite way in
crypto to double your money is by
minting nfts so let me paint a picture
for you to show just exactly how simple
it can be to do this imagine that you
find a really great project and then you
get whitelisted for this project so that
way you can mint some of these nfts in

the pre-sale and if you don’t minted the
pre-sale you can also mention the public
sale but often times you’re going to
have less gas fees if you’re minting in
the pre-sale so say you can mint three
nfts for .05 ethereum each totaling 0.15
ethereum and at current prices that’s
going to be about 600 or so but
understand that that’s gonna fluctuate
with the price of ethereum and if that
project does pretty well right out the
gate and has some pretty good demand on

the secondary market you can oftentimes
sell those nfts for 0.1 ethereum or a
bit more to offset gas fees and then you
will have effectively double your money
now we’re definitely making a lot of
assumptions in the scenario that makes
this work so well we’re assuming that
you picked a great project we’re
assuming that the developers had a
successful launch and marketed the

project successfully and we’re assuming
that you’re not getting totally gouged
by gas fees but if you can successfully
choose a good nft project and meant
those nfts it can be pretty simple to
double your money from there and
oftentimes you can get even more than
double but here’s the thing once you get
your first double and you go from one
thousand dollars to two thousand dollars
to me what’s even more important than
hitting that next double from two

thousand to four thousand is making sure
that you don’t go back a double and go
from two thousand to one thousand
because you don’t wanna go backwards you
only want to go forwards you really have
to protect your downside and your
capital in a massive way because it
would be so crushing to go from your
fifth or sixth double back down to your
first or second double so whenever you
hit your first double and then maybe
your second and then maybe your third

pretty quickly after it can be pretty
easy to get really overconfident and
think that you’re some investing genius
but newsflash for you you’re still human
you’re not some crazy investing genius
and you still need to exercise caution
and do all of your due diligence with
each project that you invest in now what
metaverse or nfc projects have the most
potential to double your money going
into 2022 well i would suggest mainly

three different classes of nfts the
first class or genre is going to be
virtual land or digital real estate a
lot of people believe that virtual land
is going to be the next big nft niche
because of the implications it will have
with the metaverse the popularity of
virtual land has been skyrocketing for
the last Investing in NFT Real Estate in 2022 ? Do you have to pump money into it or Nft coins

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