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friends for metapets coin sheep review I promised especially one of our followers that Eser Continuous every wrote Metapets coin, it caught my attention a little bit because it is a metrobus project.

I did a search but in such a big stock market More precisely, almost no Center because it is not listed on the stock market many also actually examine in detail I didn’t want but

metapets coin metapets price prediction

from the market like this I looked at it, it’s very cheap right now pancakes are good luck You can purchase via a 90s project to make or Ne 10 billion flats for 2 dollars a total of cryptocurrencies you can buy There will be 100 quadrillion units, approximately 52 quadrillion wallets on the market I looked at their address and follow the wallet I mean,
over 109.000 investors There is also a good event. In the period, meteoris projects were even more coming to prominence Day in the coming months I It may come, but there is a stock market for it.
from the market like this I looked at it, it’s very cheap right now pancakes are good luck You can purchase via a 90s project to make or Ne 10 billion flats for 2 dollars a total of cryptocurrencies you can buy There will be 100 quadrillion units, approximately 52 quadrillion wallets on the market I looked at their address and follow the wallet I mean,
over 109.000 investors There is also a good event. In the period, meteoris projects were even more coming to prominence Day in the coming months I It may come, but there is a stock market for it.
So it needs to list at least a mesce GTA V or something to arrive I need it before I get there I definitely don’t want to invest my transaction pain is very low, 152 thousand dollars I have a transaction pain 24 more hours actually 187 fell, so yesterday’s transaction the volume is even higher 250 300 thousand $ There was a trading volume yesterday,
and this is so just because the pancake Persistence is filling very normal So a stock from a stock market losada maybe over $1 million per day Market cap, which will be the transaction volume When we look at it again, about 11 million a dollar market There is a market It has value So very cheap Of course very Tell the teacher we are looking at a graph Time has given a very good buying opportunity. because it is not already listed on an exchange The price is very cheap, as I said,
10 billion Of course, you can buy two stops per unit. that I fold a hundred total The supply is also very high twenty two percent if too close friends burned around the face Ha by the way they have their own games play trial tapedesk for game I don’t know if you can win so game how much does it progress itself da Metapets coin pad team listing on exchanges I actually have a lot of investors. By the way, buying on the Turkish stock market so you can do something I can’t say friends Like I said before I get at least one GTA V
listing There are too many projects because this way GTA definitely me before the vi saying comes no cryptocurrency anymore I think because the market is bad you know, new Crypto in the process Coins are much more risky But nice so I like it, not bad the project is a little more need to see progress I think we shouldn’t act but We act early and stay out of here those who enter, of course,
progress can earn good money on items but I won’t take that risk for myself friends who already follow me knows and has proven myself a little more this is the rear with opportunity in red sheep large mass guarded sheep I’m evaluating projects I’m evaluating so metapets coinl mesh to the investor and tablet investor I hope it will be listed in good debts call here if there are any developments, it will be me again I will announce with you I will share my thoughts for now these are friends very good to yourself see see you

metapets price prediction METAPETS NEWS UPDATE

metapets price prediction where you get important information and METAPETS NEWS UPDATE news about all kinds of interests and today we’re going to be taking a look at metapets price prediction so just ensure that you subscribe to the channel if you want to
stay informed about everything that is happening with merapat so as you can see we still do not have a website we are waiting for the uh ama tomorrow to see what the ceo is going to be saying right the price is not looking good at all
today we are eight nine zeros one one three thirty 34 percent down of course we do understand that the rest of the market is not doing well right the rest of the cryptocurrencies are down a lot of cryptocurrencies are in the red right
but we do see here with mera pets is 34 percent down right 34 percent down that’s massive if you compare it to other cryptocurrencies it’s compatriots right you’re going to be seeing that METAPETS NEWS UPDATE is losing way more than other coins um
as such as uh that have been launched almost the same time with mera pets right that’s something that you’re going to be seeing because this team does not deliver so when the market there’s a panic in the market the people who are
invested in in METAPETS NEWS UPDATE are going to market times they are going to panic times two right they’re going to have double the panic because the team doesn’t deliver right we still do not have a website right obviously uh the the rest of the crypto market uh is being affected by the issue they in
ukraine you do see that um ukraine crisis bitcoin and other cryptocurrency currencies plummet after russia launches military uh strikes bitcoin slammed to a one-month law on thursday after russian forces fired missiles at several cities in ukraine and landed troops on its course sparkling a sell-off of riskier
assets bitcoin fell by as much as 7.9 percent to 34 000 its lowest since january 24th and was last trading down uh 4.5 percent smaller coins uh that typically move intelligent with bitcoin also fell with ethereum losing as much as 10.8 percent more than 150 billion is been wiped off the entire cryptocurrency market in the last 24 hours according to
coin market cap data if you remember right when we had the first this first issue occurring in in um in ukraine right we added two 200 billion right was lost in the cryptocurrency market but now we have a fed 150 billion so we can say we are already above 400 billion lost in terms of crypto so russia launching all invasion of ukraine by
land a and c the biggest attack by one state against another in europe since world war ii and a confirmation of the west fears of the west right so this is the situation that is causing not just cryptocurrency but the rest of the markets uh to go down right but of course in terms of meta pets we can see that the losses of meripads are further
exacerbated by the fact that the team doesn’t deliver so investors don’t have confidence into this project right investors don’t have confidence uh into this project so this is going to cause massive panic you can see here already there was massive sell-off or caring right so someone did um a sell-off here right maybe speak the people behind the project maybe the ceo or it’s other investors who had a massive drop in terms of uh just selling out your position uh in metaphase you can see it right here a massive and you can also see the trading volume 246 200
increase in terms of the trading volume but this is not a good thing because it’s divesting that is going on so this is something that i thought i should share with you today obviously i’ll be covering the ama that is going to be

metapets token NEWS TODAY metapets crypto

Metapets price prediction 2022 metapets metaverse token from south park coinbase news
metapets token NEWS TODAYto analyze and predict what metapet’s coin price is going to be in the near future make sure you watch this video until the end because i will provide you extremely useful information throughout this video that you need to know if you are serious about meta pets also guys don’t forget
current meta pads price is the price change in the last 24 hours is down by 8.13 the trading volume in the last 24 hours is down by 6.2 percent the market cap is down by 7.68 and the fully diluted market cap is down by 6.81 okay let’s take a look on the price chart we are seeing that today we have quite a downtrend let’s zoom out and
take a look at the month time frame we can see that the price is most likely heading to this support level here but it has stalled a little bit here which might mean that a new support level might be created here if there’s enough buyers but if it does continue down to this support level then we’ll probably see a lot of buyers taking control of the price again
because this support level seems to be quite strong as you can see because it has tested this level multiple times lately and failed to break it but if it’s able to break this support then we’ll probably see a huge downward trend in price to this support level here what
i personally believe is going to happen is that sellers will have a hard time to push down this support right here i think that there are a lot of buyers sitting here and if the price would reach this level then we will see a spike up on price again
if you watched my videos before then you will also know that something that i also like to do when it comes to crypto is to look at google trends and this is to try to understand how the search trend looks like for a specific crypto coin in this case we’re going to look at meta pets
for meta pets the search interest seems to be quite high right now but it also has a little downtrend in the last seven days let’s take a look at a 30 day trend as you can see the search result for metapass has gone down quite a lot in the last few days but it did so similar in the end of december as you can see and then it’s piped up again so maybe this little downtrend is not so bad after all
also something that we know is that meta pets crypto is still a new thing and the interest for it will likely get higher and higher as more people discover meta pets just a quick disclaimer this video is not financial advice everything said in this video these are only my opinions on the market and you should only take it as that
if you got some value from this article then i would appreciate if you could leave a like and also subscribe as i’ll be doing more of these kind of articl in the future

metapets crypto METAPETS SCAM OR LEGIT ?

metapets token , metapets crypto, metapets crypto METAPETS SCAM OR LEGIT ?
where i give you important information and news about all coins of interest and today if you’re invested into meta pets or you’re planning to invest into it you need to watch this video to the end i’ve done a deep security check on this coin to see if the money you’ve invested is safe or is not right and if you want me to keep on covering metaphase daily just ensure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out on any information you’ll spend
your hard earned money onto these coin so you’re planning to you know this video is going to be between 10 and 15 minutes you know it’s nothing compared to the amount of time you’ve worked for the money you are willing to spend into this coin so let’s jump straight into the video right so we see here measure pace is um it’s gone up
267 percent while most of the coins are going down obviously because of the bitcoin so 267 percent meta pets has gone up right and if we also check at this point we see that it is uh trending it is trending i think number 10 today and the reason why it’s trending it’s very interesting i joined the telegram group of measure pets right and check what the admins are doing they are posting this post several times you can join the group and see it for
yourself as well they are saying help us train on coin market cape sign in and uh click the star the favorite star and then scroll down to the bottom and uh on the page and what good way it asks how do you feel about metaphase today so this is the reason why meta pets is trending and you can see it here they are saying click the star
and then also go and click good obviously i click this tab because i’m monitoring many meta pets i’ve been monitoring it for a very long time so this video is a security check we are going to go and check every aspect of this coin you need to watch it all the way to the end guys if you don’t want to miss out on anything obviously we see a lot of people are following into this coin check this out 3 seconds ago a lot
of people are swatching um uh swapping their valuable ethereum for this coin and if you go on to the website let’s start with the whole is behind this coin let’s check with the ceo so we see here we’ve got this guy it’s called knee dn chief executive officer and the image looks blurry do you see this i have tried to look for an ama that has been done with anyone involved into this project and there is nothing i cannot verify this image uh to the person behind this project right and if you go on to ico holder you see there the
chief executive officer is unverified no image available and we’ve got this guy project leader in dev p body what’s that p body i don’t know i guess it’s a name right and then we see here it’s just ray we see liam guys these guys are opening up a coin these are selling this idea that we see on the website of uh this um of having your own pet in the metaphase with vr interacting with it this is a very good concept but there is absolutely no one the team is not doxed there’s a fake team behind this project i can guarantee you that guys if if someone is willing to put their picture
on a coin only on their website of a coin they are going to be doing amas and i have not seen this happening right so the other thing that we need to check is the liquidity lock i’ve seen a lot of people saying um no there is a liquidity log with meta pets i’ve looked for it and i cannot find it right i went on to pink lock like this is where they say they’ve got a liquidity check how much value is locked it’s 14
this is a fake lock there’s no lock here right there’s no lock even if you go and check all these other three pages here there is nothing that is locked here guys there is nothing check zero there is nothing that is locked i’ve checked on pink cell if you’ve got a link where you can actually see the liquidity that is locked just post it there in the comment section right there is nothing that is locked
satellite audit i went there i searched for meta pets they met up heads there is no security audit that has been done on the smart contract there is absolutely nothing nothing has been done here you see and if you go to their twitter right you go to their twitter check this out this is really weird they are saying if in doubt check coinbase out what does this even mean right if you click the link of
and they are also claiming to have a coinbase coinbase does this post with each and every coin that comes out but in most of the cases coinbase will have a wallet for that coin in this case coinbase does not even trust this coin enough to create a wallet for it they’re telling you how to buy it somewhere else right how to buy this coin on another platform coinbase does not even trust uh these guys right check out check this out right
so here they’re just trying to create a false confidence that somehow they are affiliated with coinbase but they are not coinbase is just simply saying maybe they are receiving tons of um of queries on how to buy this coin on coinbase and they just just put out uh this link to see if you want to buy this coin go there you know we are not we are not you you cannot create a wallet with us and buy this coin basically that’s what they are saying and go and check out um here this is the really sad thing guys this
is a really sad thing they’re saying 65 million market cap and still going on the formal is real these guys are laughing at the people who are investing money into this coin right now they are laughing at the people who are investing money into this coin their website has got absolutely nothing right there is no upgrades that has been done since they’ve been launched over a month now like i did uh videos there’s a whole playlist of
of meta pets onto this website there’s all playlists that i’ve got right and you can see here they’re talking about this utility that doesn’t exist there’s no utility here they are saying they are going to be doing all these things but there are no debts that are linked with this if you check all the products projects
you see that there’s a clear road map that shows when they are going to deliver what right but for this coin there’s absolutely nothing right there’s absolutely nothing and it just it just brings to mind i remember this head that i saw in 1952 with vitamins where they raised like currently right now uh these dodge coins and also meta meta coins are the wraith and there are some real genuine coins where people are going to make a really a lot of money
even with a scheme coin you can make a lot of money if you exit at the right time like squid coin a lot of people got scammed but a lot of people also who exited at the right time they they made a lot of money right and they just reminded me the way that these guys are selling this dream of this meta meta pets right it reminds me of a commercial in 1952 i’m going to play it for you right here a commercial in 1952 about bread check it out it’s only one minute long
you want to grow bigger and stronger don’t you golly sure okay a sandwich daily and two slices of wonder bread every meal give you eight elements you need as much muscle building protein as roast beef as much calcium for bones and teeth as cottage cheese as much phosphorus for cell metabolism as this egg as much iron for red blood as three lamb chops as much vitamin b1 for appetite as fried liver as much vitamin b2 for growth as this much cheese as much niacin for mental health as six sardines as much energy as two glasses of milk that’s why you can help yourself grow bigger and stronger eight ways with wonder bread i mean grow bigger and stronger
during this time companies were actually advertising this company was advertising this bread that he’s got all these things that they’ve mentioned right okay can you believe that so exactly this is what these guys are doing they’re just telling everyone come on buy buy this coin look at this this coin is going up you need to buy it right now you know this coin is going up you need to buy it right now of course if you’re going to be buying into a coin we need to see what is the utility behind it people are buying into this coin because they believe into this metaphase that they’ve got right but there is nothing that is
on their website showing that what they’re doing there’s absolutely nothing right if you go and check their twitter here all they brag about is number one watchers on uh stock waste number one training on coin market cap most popular
that’s what they’re talking about there is nothing here we we went onto this website see there’s nothing did someone say uh ben meta pets guess what they’ve banned nothing these check this out they’ve only logged 21 percent of the supply but if you check what is on there now address only one percent is banned only one percent is banned and look they are using this image here you know like really this is really weird guys like these guys it’s unbelievable what i’m seeing right now it’s absolutely unbelievable very shameful right it’s very very shameful you know
it’s not something that you should it’s not difficult to have a listing on coin market cap it’s not difficult right class a developers best marketing strategies audited there’s absolutely nothing that they’re talking about we can’t even see this uh bnb lock weight is like guys i’m really interested to see where this lock is right so just put if you know where it is just put it down there yeah and you see here they’re playing with psychology of people saying what influences you most when adopting a or investing in a cryptocurrency
pmb logged audited the best marketing strategies class a blockchain developers cmc listed you know like cmc listed coin market cap listing is not something that you should brag about right and the first thing is personal trust in a project roadmap making money appreciate appearance of a of a project

there is absolutely nothing here that we
can actually see guys i really hope that i am wrong i really hope that i’m wrong and if you’ve all the way to the end you can see the commitment i’ve put into checking everything about this coin just hit that
subscribe button so that you don’t miss
out on any future articls and if you also want me to do a security check on a coin of your choice that you’re interested in maybe you want to invest into it just ensure that you’re subscribed and comment there in the comment section your coin and i’ll do a security check on that coin so

my verdict here on net crypto is this coin is looking very suspicious it’s looking very scary and the next thing that you’re going to see is this twitter is going to disappear and then the next thing we are going to see their website is always going to disappear same thing happened with squid coin i hope i am wrong i really hope that i am wrong and obviously if you want me to keep on covering metaphase what is occurring every day just ensure that you are subscribed


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