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crypto coins  going to make all  of your dreams come true.  we are going to   talk about the ethereum and bitcoin  chart and why this is

talk about the top five major verse coins to get rich by 2022 and we’re  going to talk about the next narrative that is going to happen after the mata  verse so stay tuned for that

why crypto coins its make you rich ?

if you are in crypto right  now and you even even you even you know , about this chart right yes you know  about this chart the ethereum to bitcoin , chart right here once we break this line

guys i posted this on twitter.

if we break this line literally  all of our dreams will come true here i  have a i have what’s the number i have  an idea what’s the number turn the fan  off and come back in okay because it’s  too loud i have a hat don’t worry .

your dreams come true in crypto it’s not even going to be funny how crazy all the , altcoins are going to go and everything  is going to go crazy because ethereum.

has been trying to break out against  bitcoin for literally years and this  chart it’s it’s kind of hilarious , because i posted this  this morning that i was thankful for  ,this right and 10 seconds later one of  my favorite people on the earth raul .

posted the exact same chart guys  this is the same chart just drawn a  different way and he says the east  bitcoin chart is my is in my opinion the  most important chart in digital asset  markets .

right now a break higher will lead to more risk seeking so this is literally he said it’s going to pull  bitcoin higher as well and i’ve been telling you guys this for months so that’s why you need to follow me on twitter

why crypto coins its ? Ethereum Vs bitcoin Quick Look

that’s why all of you guys 107 000 of  you are in the right place because  seriously i’ve been warning you about  this breakout that’s been, coming and  once this happens there really is not  going to be a window for you to get into  the market because everything is going  to be going up so so fast.

guys and so  you can just go on twitter today  everyone’s talking about the same thing  like bitcoin is strong but ethereum is  stronger right everything looks pretty  great here is uh john wick he’s a really  good trader talking about ethereum when  i bounce you bounce we bounce right  everything is bouncing on ethereum look for the good  crypto coins.

another good thing guys is the bitcoin greed and fear index here um  if it’s at 32 we are not at the top of  the market everyone who’s worried

 top five major verse coins to get  rich by 2022 and the the key thing  with this guys is yesterday a lot of  people she’s looking over there this is where you look okay  everyone was talking about  sand and manna guys these the two. 

biggest made of coins so i want to show you the charts for sand and mana really really quickly so actually before i do that i want to show you what i predicted but yesterday what i said predict the

first casualties of the bull market  bull market are anyone who buys mana and  sand right now please don’t buy this if  you are new to the market because  yesterday was one of the days where the  where people were going to lose a lot of  money and it actually played  crypto coins out exactly.

like i said so here’s what happened  the charts yesterday this is mana right  here right one of the biggest coins it  has a seven billion dollar market cap  this is the biggest maida verse coin

okay now look it broke out yesterday and  went from like what was this four dollars and eighty cents all the way up  to five dollars and eighty cents so  people were making so much money.

 everyone was tweeting about it and right  here right about this time i tweeted  right what is this this is like 3 p.m 2  p.m i tweeted this out at  uh what time does it say 11 55 so i i  gave you guys enough warning .

i gave you  guys two hour warning that this was  going to come back down and look it came  all the way back down and i really think  that if you buy into d to mana or to  sandbox right now you are literally just

metaverse crypto coins price
crypto coins
crypto coins

smartest human in the world because  these are way too big guys the market  cap is six billion the market cap is  what is this right here the market cap  on mana is seven billion right these  coins are way too big so the maida verse crypto coins

yes is an amazing narrative this is  something that even sami right here  who’s who’s a pharmacist and doesn’t  even think about crypto very much oh i  think about crypto oh she does because  of me but but even you know that  facebook changed his name to maida right  yes yeah so like it’s a universe and  everyone’s going to be talking about the  metaverse

is to move your profits into smaller maydiverse place because that is what thewhales are going to do next they’regoing to take their profits that theymade from here all the way up to hereand then they’re going to put those.

profits into into these small coins thati’m going to show you right now so areyou ready for the next coins sam givethem a pep talk give them a reason theyshould hit the like button because we’reabout to show them the top five made of coins of all time

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