my neighbor alice coin price prediction profit Now $01

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my neighbor alice coin price prediction profit Now $01 !! hey everyone welcome back to Storeelink thank you so much for joining me here today hope you’re having an amazing day we’re taking a quick look here at my neighbor alice coin price prediction

i suppose it’s important for any good dealer to basically understand what bitcoin’s doing because a lot of coins are you know reflective of that right so just to snappily note bitcoins down in the day a big surprise we have had a many legs down so to speak we are now trending just Over 56 to 58 000.

i do this map earlier for my patrons grounded on the simple fact that i feel like we might see the price continue to trend lower over the coming couple of days and if so these are the two buy zones that you might want to consider a bone cost averaging now moving forward taking a quick look .

at the moving pars you can see we are below the 50 on the one day map which isn’t super important i suppose the further important Bone then’s the four hour map the 50 day and the 200 days of moving normal are moving into what is appertained to as generally as a
death cross.

so we’ll see soon if this you know what just happed was a result of that passing soon coming to consummation but once that that that closes effectively we should see the price go down further that is the standard and normal way that the death cross works i detest that term but it’s just a a reality . right but bear in mind too we are really downward on the rsi so there is a good chance that it’ll recover a little bit but we

might see another dead cat where the price comes up and you know we kind of get duped where
it’s like oh cool it’s back on track and then it comes right back down again so just bear in mind that happens quite frequently with bitcoin in these states so i wouldn’t uh i wouldn’t overthink it i guess you.

My Neighbor Alice , my neighbor alice coin price prediction
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so moving on to my neighbor alice coin price prediction let's go and take a look at the one day chart

kind of work our way down i’ve got some support and resistance levels pretty much only resistance levels drawn up here based on a simple fact that’s the one day candlestick high and of course the all-time high at about 23.84

and of course the one day close was about 21.34 so pretty nice and easy numbers there we’ll go ahead and take a quick look at the one day chart so we’re both we’re both above moving averages right both the 250 are working below the price that’s fantastic

we got a bounce off of 50 rsi as well that’s equally as important which is essentially the same level as that 50 day set moving average so that’s working as a strong support should likely push the price up higher we’ve also got on the four-hour chart

the price above both moving averages as well this is excellent sign i like to see that it’s extremely important to have the price above both now also note too the price is just barely above 70 on the rsi that’s not terrible not great it’s kind of neutral more so it’s kind of an indication to pay attention to consider either

trimming your position or adding to your position if the price were to come back down under 70. but normally i have an rsi video that helps explain how to
approach that so check that out in your own time but the the trigger here is that you know when the price comes back down under 70 that’s considered the buy of the sell signal uh whereas you know with it just coming up above

it still hasn’t fully evolved yet so there’s a good chance it could continue higher that makes sense so it’s kind of around the four-hour chart all good things there we had a macd convergence as well right around 5am yesterday so that kind of gave us a signal that we had a buy signal sometime yesterday letting us know that we wanted to get basically take entry for a long position now again

it can be concerning to want to take long positions right now based on the sheer fact that bitcoin keeps selling off but you look how well alice is doing here today contrary to bitcoin bitcoins essentially just making lower lows lower highs and look at this alice

higher highs and higher lows in the one hour that’s fantastic so if this next decrease comes down and doesn’t go any lower than right here then we’re going to be in good shape to continue that higher high and higher low scenario so let’s take a look at the cloud and kind of see what’s going on look at that

right where the macd converged on the four hour chart we have an ichimoku cloud breakthrough which effectively just reiterates that double rainbow that i like to refer to it as where we have two really awesome things happening at the same time giving us that buy signal so that is awesome so as you just say set up your indicators for you know lead one or lead two to be notified once the price crosses that plane then you would have been you know able to kind of verify that and get in right those are usually the kind of signals i like to set

but you know alice was on my radar but now it is so all good things here for ellis though is the bottom line is what i’m seeing here i do think that it’s trending closer to its all-time high and will likely break its all-time high just based on the fact that there’s nothing but bullish indications contrary to bear you know a bearish bitcoin right so that that’s awesome

news and what will alice do when bitcoin turns around pulls his head out of his ass that kind of thing it should be awesome so looking here we’re at a nine though on td sequential just keep this in mind and when i say keep this in mind it just basically means that there’s a strong likelihood we’ll at least see some consolidation or retracement soon

with it if it continued to increase to say for example we’d be past that standard deviation of the volume weight average price and that would push the price down naturally as well in fact we might even be right above at that point looks like

we are so if you kind of see here you can see that standard deviation line basically telling us that when the price goes above it has to come back down like that okay pulled it down pulled it down right here didn’t pull down kept pushing
so now it makes sense that the price is coming right down closer to that deviation line so we should expect the price to come down even further i’d say maybe down to about 1650 is a strong potential and that would help us understand more so specifically that you know the price is back within that range

it can comfortably consolidate and we might see a leg up again eventually after it’s kind of gone sideways for some time because get this in mind and keep this in mind there’s nothing wrong with the price going up higher now right that could happen but the the dilemma that we’re going to run into is if it doesn’t consolidate

and just keeps going straight up it’s going to come down a lot harder right they come down hard and they come down fast we don’t want that we want stability in a coin right we want this to keep making higher highs and higher lows in order for it to do that it needs to continue this nice healthy pattern and it has a very healthy pattern right now we’re just at that state of of uh you know consolidation where we have to consolidate or we’re going to find a significant retracement if it lags up too quick

so that’s kind of what we’re looking at there for alice all good things really i’m definitely bullish on alice at this point let’s go ahead and take a look at the fibonacci see what they’re telling us

and let’s see what’s going on here all right so let’s go ahead and mark these guys here to be on the safe side for later i always mark the highest and the lowest point there as well as usually the set of that center point which is 0.5 on fibonacci so

what we’ll do let’s take a look at the big picture here and kind of see where we’re at and as you can see that that highest point for this potential ramp up is to say we’re to continue to duplicate what it did in the last 24 to 48 hours it would be somewhere in the range about 23 dollars and it would put us right in that resistance zone which is perfect

if the price can go up to that resistance zone and consolidate and then leg up from there in other words just say the price continues up here right it spends a little bit of time in here it ramps up and one last little consolidation squeeze right against the uh the support level and then we see it ramp up there that’s a really really common characteristic for coins like this when they break their all-time high they’ll jump up above they’ll drop down to test that previous

resistance reaffirm the support and then then blast off right so if we can get this price to consolidate right above support about 23.90 we’re going to be in fantastic shape and when i say support sorry it’s currently resistance but we want to become a support level we’ll see that happen perhaps in the very near future i think it’s likely considering what’s going on here so i do think alice taking a long basically long position from where it’s at would be advantageous i think we can probably at least guarantee a 42 percent increase based on a share

fact that it’s on target to to hit its all-time high i think that if nothing else should be likely whether or not it breaks that will bridge that gap when we get there i’ll i’ll keep a closer eye on alice for moving forward just to ensure that so thank you to my patrons for requesting that i cover this of course i greatly appreciate you and if you’re not currently a patron and you want to become a better trader

jump on in there i can tell you it’s a really awesome experience and you might want to lock in your rate now before it’s not necessarily too late but next month we’ll be increasing the rates just based on the demand and the occupancy there so check that out in your own time thank you so much to current patrons of courss

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