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play game for money game that pays money

play game for money MetaOasis is a game for 7dollar for one days blockchain metaverse where players can enjoy NFT characters and earn MTOS and play game to earn crypto and ASA commemoratives on the Avalanche network.

The game is a largely multiplayer experience where players can engage in different game modes in order to immerse themselves in the metaverse. It’s available on PC and mobile bias.

MetaOasis features different game modes within its ecosystem. The main macrocosm that encapsulates all the modes is called Project CH( Celestial Heaven).
The ultimate thing of every player in the Elysian Heaven is to gain access to the Oasis.

play game for money Players can start the game without buying any particulars whatsoever. NFT particulars that are bought can be transferred into the game using the game’s website.

game that pays money,play game for money

game for 7 dollar for one days Players will have to gather coffers like common minerals, feasts, and energies in order to make their citadels and advance in the game. Players can encounter two types of coffers in the world;non-tradable and tradable.
Tradable coffers are rare and can be changed for ASA commemoratives on the request.

Players can take the part of space commanders and have their own lines and citadels. They can trade and fight within the world and contend against each other.
also, players can come gatherers that collect rare coffers, or they can come directors that draft combat NFTs or fighters that battle in wormholes and acquire spoil and vend them in the business. Away from the main Celestial Heaven online game, there are other small game modes that the players can share in play game for money.

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Embassy- Planet serves as a fiscal center that connects all players to mates and backers of the game. Each structure will have the guarantor’s totem and information about the brand.
It’s an online gallery where players can explore and learn about the game.

 Strayed is a third- person mystification game earn money online game where players are assigned with working how they ended up on a certain earth. Players wake up on an unknown earth and can find suggestions to find out where they are play game and earn money.

Forerunner is another mystification game where players are assigned with chancing rare coffers. They can explore a stargate left by an unknown civilization and discover new globes.
Newfound globes can be inhabited by the players and settled.

 Light Chaser is an fantastic Machine- powered single- player space combat game that allows players to fly and share in confrontations against adversaries while also collecting energy and game earn money online.

Token Information play game to earn crypto

The native currency of MetaOasis, the MTOS token, serves as a governance token and facilitates voting. In-game NFTs like land and equipment are available for purchase, as well as microtransactions like skins. The play-to-earn in-game money that is equivalent to USDT is called the ASA token. ASA tokens can be traded at any moment by players.

Official Game Trailer : MetaOasis games where you earn money

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Recently, several metaverses employing various NFTs and metaverse technologies have been made available. These metaverses use nonfungible tokens. One of them is “Office Metaverse,” which has acquired popularity and gone viral. Similar platforms, like replica, are being introduced in accordance with this trend.

We created a platform named Oasis with the goal of pursuing metaverse life in the Oasis theme. With this platform, we hope to provide a virtual environment where you may live and work while using the economic principles of the LIFE TO EARN lifestyle.

The MetaOasis game that pays money was founded with the intention of creating a “WITH GROW” system that would foster the growth of both users and the system as a whole. This included pursuing the genuine objective of a creativity-based metaverse and creating a setting where participants could take pleasure in entertaining materials.

Its ultimate goal is to encourage users’ continuing and simpler access, to create more value, and to create a robust, long-lasting metaverse ecosystem.

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