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sand for a sandbox Game is INSANE!! SAND Price Potentia 03 sandbox what is ?? did you know that there are over 3.2 billion gamers around the world not only that but the average gamer spends between 100 and 200 per year on gaming it’s safe to say that there is a lot of money  sand for a nft prices,

moving around in the gaming industry and some cryptocurrencies have been competing to get a slice of this massive pie one of these is the best sand for a sandbox what is whose sand for sandbox token went interstellar after facebook announced its metaverse push at the end of

october today i’m going to give you a recap of what the universe sandbox for free  sandbox is bring you up to speed on what the project has been up to and tell you why sand for sand box price prediction may become the biggest gaming cryptocurrency  what does nft stands for be biggist

i know you can’t wait to begin but going on without a disclaimer would be a sin if you came here looking for financial advice i’m afraid you’re in the wrong place there’s only education and entertainment in this space contact a financial advisor before investing just to be safe if this is your first time making my acquaintance my name is guy and i teach crypto with patience this is in contrast to the moon boys who shill

and shout quality is what the coin bureau is all about topics like coins tokens news and reviews if you’re interested in crypto there’s something here for you if this is the kind of content you want

and ping that notification bell to make sure you get it while it’s hot if the grains of sand in your hourglass are running low you can skip around using the timestamps down below just know that watching until the end will help your brain and grow okay that’s it for my intro remarks let’s all go play in the sandbox if the universe sandbox for free s0ndbox is new to you here’s what you need to know
the the best sandbox was founded way back in 2012 by sebastian bourget and arthur madrid
the sand box was made by pixal a software company based in san francisco the the best sandbox

began as a 2d mobile game where users could build their own virtual worlds the free universesandbox managed to amass over 40 million users and is still available on mobile today as the sandbox game evolution following the crypto bull market in 2017 pixel announced its plans to turn best sand for a sandbox into a 3d game built on ethereum where every in-game item that users create is a non-fungible token in 2018 pixel was acquired by animoka brands a software company based in hong kong which focuses on digital entertainment blockchain and gamification as part of this acquisition animoca brands incorporated tsb gaming limited a for-profit software company based in malta which works
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sand for a sandbox what is on the crypto version of the sandbox's development

Sand for a sandbox Game

is coordinated by the sandbox foundation and consists of over 100 people in 32 different countries the sandbox raised around seven million dollars across three sand token sales in 2019 and 2020 and has raised millions more from various land sales since 2019. the sandbox’s virtual world consists of 166 000 plots of land nftsland our erc721 price prediction tokens on ethereum which is ethereum’s non-fungible token standard by the way i’ve linked to some of my most recent videos on nfts in the description so feel free to watch some of those after this if you want

the whole mo anyways these land nfts tokens can be grouped into estates which are owned by one person or districts which are owned by two or more people as you can see some of the land in the sandbo x is owned by companies such as binance gemini coin market cap atari and even the south china morning post land what does nft stands for  can be customized using the vox edit software vox edit is also used to create game assets which exist as nfts on ethereum land can also be monetized by

being rented out or by featuring pay-to-play experiences such as quests which can be created using the sandbox game maker l land nft prices and assets can be bought and sold on the sandbox’s own nft marketplace and all nfts are priced in the sand token now sand is an erc20 on ethereum and it is the sandbox’s in-game currency sand and land give governance rights to

sandbox is currently !! SAND Price Potentia their holders

free universe sandbox, biggest gaming cryptocurrency

nft prices sand can even be staked for additional rewards the best sandboxis currently in closed beta and a public alpha launch could happen by the end of the year more on that in a moment if you want to learn more about how the sandbox what is works you can watch my previous
article about the project using the link up there in the top right it’s been more than a year since i last covered the sandbo x a year wow where has that time gone and it’s safe to say that a lot has
happened since then in october 2020 socios purchased a sizable estate in the best sandbox to

create a virtual platform for its community to congregate on now for those who don’t know socios is the company behind chili’s a crypto project that features fan tokens for famous football teams in january this year the sandbox announced its first round of public land sales which would take place in february with coin market cap a sale partner in march the free universe sandbox announced that its february land sales had broken nft sale records with nearly three million dollars raised at the end of march the free universe sandbox released the public beta version of its nft marketplace this has probably contributed to the best sandbox fourth place position by nft trading volume according to in june the

sandbox what is upgraded the vox edit software sandbox salesforce

the best sandbox, sandbox game, land nfts
to allow for the seamless creation of in-game assets this has probably contributed to the 15 000 assets that have been created by the sandbo x community so far the sandbox’s ongoing incentive programs for content creators have certainly helped as well at the end of june the sandbo x announced a series of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint by 99 these include purchasing carbon credits planting a lot of trees and integrating with polygon ethereum’s leading layer 2 scaling solution which uses proof of stake in july the sandb ox announced that it had partnered
with skybound entertainment the company behind the walking dead comics and tv show to bring zombies to the metaverse as part of this partnership the walking dead was given a nice big plot of land and the sand box subsequently sold land nfts in proximity to the community so that quote fans and gamers alike can be as close as ever to their beloved brand in august the sandbox announced a partnership with an esports project called big fan to bring virtual football and other sports to the sandboxes world in september the sandbox bought a board ape nft for 740 eth that
works out to around 3 million the sandbox salesforce happens to have an extensive collection of community-owned nfts which is worth more than 14 million dollars snoop dogg also planted his flag in the sandbox with the creation of a virtual mansion and even sold 1 000 passes to his private virtual party in october ubisoft announced that it was looking to increase its investments into blockchain games with a specific focus on animoka brands and recall that animoka owns the sandbox earlier this month the sandbox announced that it had raised a staggering 93 million dollars in a funding round led by softbank now for those unfamiliar softbank is one of the biggest

what does nft stands for investment companies in the world and it’s the sixth largest publicly traded company in japan this news combined with the hype around facebook’s
nft where to buy rebrand to meta took the sand token to new all-time highs the same thing happened to decentraland’s manor and you can learn more about where mana is headed by using the link in the top right as you can

see sand seems to be pretty overextended but it’s not crashing nearly as quickly as i expected in fact it looks like its uptrend is scheduled to continue this is for a few reasons first nft prices as i mentioned a few moments ago nft prices from the sandbox are some of the most traded of any nft collection many of these purchases are

universe sandbox free to play
being made in sand which creates demand second the sandbox is on the lower end of the top 100 meaning it has a relatively mid-sized market cap this means it takes less money to push up price prediction the price prediction of sand relative to larger cryptos in the metaverse category such as axi infiniti’s axs third sans tokenomics are robust sand has a maximum supply of 3 billion its initial and current distribution is solid and its vesting schedule is evenly spread out now that said it’s worth pointing out that we are approaching another vesting cliff that’s set to begin in
december this will see another 300 million sand unlocked and potentially sold on the open market the last vesting cliff happened back in july and it seems to have suppressed the price prediction of sand around that time this means we could see the same thing happen again come december the 1st now even so sans technicals are looking good and that’s the fourth reason why it might continue moving to the upside if my measurements are correct we could see sand rallyby 2x in the coming weeks assuming the rest of the crypto market doesn’t crash of course the likelihood of sans rise is high though and that’s because of the fifth factor the sandbox roadmap
as i mentioned earlier the sandbox has yet to open its virtual world to the public according to the sandbox roadmap this should have happened in the first half of this year this deadline was probably pushed back by the sandbox’s plans to launch on polygon this is scheduled to happen in the fourth quarter of 2021 which is basically now until the end of the year the sandbox roadmap notes that this integration will include defy staking and a redeployment of the sandbox’s nft marketplace interestingly the sandbox roadmap simultaneously says that its metaverse world will be opened up on a gradual basis in early 2022 starting with users

who have built quote high quality experiences in the game by mid next year the sandbox is hoping to set up its decentralized autonomous organization or dao and a recent presentation by co-founder sebastian borges suggests the architecture of the dao is almost complete by the end of next year the sandbox is hoping to bring its new and improved virtual world back to the mobile users that made this project possible the sandbox even wants to follow minecraft’s lead by bringing its virtual world to consoles like xbox and playstation by the end of 2023 the sandbox aims to have 5 000 games available within its virtual world and a few dozen of these futurenft prices

games have already received funding from the sandbox foundation now the focus of these games will be play to earn as it’s a model that’s proven itself to attract hundreds of thousands of users look no further than axe infinity for evidence of that though not noted in

the roadmap thesandbox is also hoping to create a virtual economy as per comments made by sebastian this means that there will be various in-game jobs where you can make real money similarly to how there are currently real people spinning the roulette at certain casinos in decentraland this is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a crypto job but i reckon the prerequisites will be similar

to a regular crypto job now you can learn more about how to be the perfect crypto candidate for the crypto position of your dreams by clicking that link up there in the top right anyways back in march sebastian mentioned another thing that caught my ear and that’s that 100 of sand supply will be held by the community in three to five years time this implies that the company team advisors and foundation are all planning on selling their sand between now and then this begs the question of  what does nft stands for will happen to the sandbox when the last sand token is vested and this brings me to the concerns i have about the project besides the surprisingly short vesting schedule of

sand and the issues this could present for the project’s longevity the sandbox could have a hard
time going live this is because the hype has been building up for more than three years and the sandbox now has a massive community that’s waiting to explore its virtual world now this is incredible but it also creates a huge hurdle for developers who must make absolutely sure that both the sandbox website and its polygon smart contracts are ready to handle that kind of load
now my second concern relates to the first and that’s the centralization of the architecture that underlies the  universe sandbox for free

while the sandbox does leverage both ethereum and ipfs universe sandbox for free

 universe sandbox for free the sandbox whitepaper notes that the sandbox world itself runs on a single server hosted on aws
this presents a single point of failure conversely decentraland uses a network of community-run servers to host its virtual world which means that there is no single point of failure the trade-off of course is scalability decentraland can currently only host 100 people per server whereas the sandbox can probably handle much more due to the centralization of its virtual world and

speaking of centralization the sandbox foundation still maintains complete control of the projectto be fair this is how almost every cryptocurrency starts the problem is that this degree of control means sand is unlikely to be listed on coinbase in its current form at least not soon and that’s because it could be seen

as similar to a security i.e a stock in a company given that most of the money in the crypto market comes from the united states this means that free sandbox building games might not go
as high as it otherwise would during this bull market simply because it’s out of reach to u.s investors now my last concern is the same one i have with other metaverse cryptocurrencies and
that’s the financial action task force’s finalized crypto recommendations as far as the fat f is concerned in-game crypto economies like the ones we’re likely to see in the sandbox must
mandate kyc if these kinds of regulations go through by june 2022 like they’re supposed to it

would restrict the free sandbox building games  potential for adoption and by extension the price predictionaction of sand now if this is news to you you must have missed my recent video about the fat f and you can find that in the usual spot folks top right believe it or not but the universe sandbox free pc  is acrypto

project i’ve been keeping a close eye on i’m a huge fan of nfts and i think there’s a lot of potential in this
niche of the crypto industry as far as metaverse worlds go the sandbox seems to be second to none but then again this is hard to say for sure because its metaverse world has yet to go live it’s

clear that there’s still a lot of work to be done before that happens anthe longer the delay the higher the likelihood that a competitor will come and claim that space decentraland is the elephant in the room here and i find it funny that the sandbox’s token architecture

is almost exactly like decentralance imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if decentraland is legit enough to copy then clearly it is a formidable foe there is one big advantage that the sandbox has over decentraland though and that’s experience it’s easy to forget that the team behind 6 the sandbox has decades of experience in the gaming industry
when i listened to interviews with sebastian bourget and arthur madrid while researching this video i was honestly amazed at just how aware they are of what they need to do to drive adoption they’re hyper focused on advertising and partnerships both inside and outside of cryptocurrency

i reckon that’s how they onboarded their 40 million users and it’s how they’ll get their next 40 million the massive amount of funding the the best sandbox recently received will certainly help with these initiatives and the attention the project has received from legacy gaming companies like ubisoft only adds to the project’s legitimacy i do have my concerns but i am confident they will be addressed in due time
no crypto project is perfect after all all in all i am very excited to see what the sandbox will look like the next time i cover the project and i know almost for certain that sand will be at new all-time highs when i do if you’re a fan of sand give that like button a slab be sure to smash the subscribe button too and ping that notification bell so you get a heads up when the next video hits the tube if you’re curious about what goes on behind the scenes you can check out coin today shib price prediction 1 cent
bureau clips for original flicks and interviews with other members of the coin bureau team if social media is where you’ll get your dopamine follow me on twitter tiktok and instagram for hot takes and memes if you’re having a hard time keeping up with the crypto market joining my telegram channel is an easy fix i give you detailed daily updates about promising

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