the metaverse will never be off no limits 2030

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number one there will be no limits or lengths the metaverse willwillwill never be off it’ll never be down for maintenance.


updates or server restarts people will be able to log in or out whenever they desire without ever having to load or save their data everyone will experience.


the meta at the same time and live synchronously the closest analogy i have for you is that back in 2019 fortnite held an in-game concert where if you logged in at the time you could go see.


the dj marshmallow play a virtual set the entire game everyone that was

playing at that time could be sharing that same experience now if you happen to be on a voice chat with your friends.


at the time it’s like you were all experiencing a marshmallow concert together the meta aims to be something similar to that where everything takes place in one instance.


and millions of people will be able to interact with each other in a digital lash physical world


the second major feature is that there will be an economy

the second major feature is that there will be an economyso with so many people spending time in.

this digital ar and vr world both

businesses and individuals will be able to sell goods and services within metathink of your favorite brand.

selling digital goods within metalike for example louis vuitton might be selling a digital bag that your.

digital avatar can hold i’m sure users will also be able to create their own small businesses too within metaso for example a popular.

business started in almost every type of online multiplayer game is usually user ran casino so in this way attention is being monetized and the more.

attention that goes into metathe more opportunities for transactions

are going to happen the third feature is.

that there's going to be unlimited

the metaverse

that there’s going to be unlimited potential for user created content so while there will certainly be corporations and businesses creating experiences and content within the

metaverse individual users will have a large influence over the majority of the metaverse willverse willverse’s.

content a user-created content model also allows metato be highly scalable and always be relevant to the latest trends in addition to user-created content many

companies such as nike and microsoft.

have already jumped aboard the growing hype surrounding metain late

october nike filed seven trademarks with the u.s patent office for basically downloadable virtual goods retail store.

services featuring virtual goods non-downloadable virtual footwear etc so we can already see some institutional adoption from companies for digital goods within metaand that actually brings me to my next point.


number four which is everything will be compatible and span

which is everything will be compatible and span both the digital and physical environments so augmented reality and virtual reality are going to.

be crucial parts of metanow what comes to mind right now is amazon’s ar view with amazon’s ar view customers can preview products in their home virtually before they complete their purchase this concept isn’t so foreign to us right now.

but it could be very well present in metaanother interesting application is that in metagoods will be tradable with other goods using the same platform regardless of community or branding for example.

imagine a universe where you could trade something like a valuable fortnight skin for something that goes in your digital home maybe like a digital couch basically all barriers are going to be brought down and that’s what.

 metaverse will about all right so now that you know a little bit about metahow can we invest in metaespecially now because it is still quite early metais probably still a few years away but.

there are going to be companies and stocks that are going to be vital to its growth first let’s talk about the market opportunity now according to bloomberg intelligence the global metaverse market could reach 800 billion dollars by 2024.

now you can also add on the opportunity of metaverse will infrastructure in the market opportunity so firms such as round hill investments project a 2.5 trillion opportunity by 2030 if you add all those together to give you some.

context here the entire energy category has a market cap of 2.95 trillion dollars and the entire real estate market is worth about 1.8 trillion dollars whether or not metaactually grows to that big of a size.

time will actually tell we’re not too sure there are two main ways of investing into metafor now number one you could invest in the content creation side or the

infrastructure side of metaverse will number two if you’re looking for an easy.

all-encompassing investment into metayou could just buy an etf so i know that round hill investments offers an etf called the meta etf which is designed to offer you exposure to.

companies that are actively involved in meta metaverse will now in terms of the typical companies that the etf is buying into some include infrastructure companies for example cloudflare and nvidia or gaming engines for virtual.

worlds such as unity and roblox so if you’re bullish on just metain general you could look into the meta etf their expense ratio however is quite high at 0.75 percent since this etf launched just this year in june we are actually not too sure of how it’s going.

to be doing in terms of performance quite yet if you would like to invest in this space though another easy alternative you have is just to look at what the  metaverse will etf invests into and pick and choose selective stocks that could.

fit into your overall investment thesis and portfolio so let’s actually go through two stocks that i think that are worth highlighting that you could look

no limits or lengths the metaverse will never be off

the metaverse

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