We hope everyone know luna coin staking has sold a large percentage of Bitcoin

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luna coin staking Today we notice that the founder of Luna coin has sold a large percentage of Bitcoin in order to keep his ust coin and at the same time after the market crash he bought a large percentage.

Luna coin has sold a large percentage of Bitcoin

Here lies the strength + the largest fixed currency gives a large percentage
In staking, here was Dial Dial’s fear of the other founders of coins.Luna coin In the case of usdt and busd, for fear of liquidity heading to ust, here, the war begins indirectly, and I found it. The founder of ust Hant was bought by a large percentage of bitcoin and ethereum… Luna coin and he was ready for this thing,

I mean, Gadi would start manipulating the market as he wanted if he launched the war And this has already happened + the Federal and the International Monetary Fund are very sensitive, especially to this currency, and this explains the fall of the Luna currency and the decline of ust something, but at the same time, the founder of Luna insisted not to surrender and raise the banner of war, and Hadi Gadi leads to the destruction of currencies,

and the Bitcoin drops to levels that cannot be accepted by the mind Because of manipulation as he likes, and here came the intimidation of the famous pages of Instagram. They advise converting their currencies to decentralized platforms immediately to avoid the great catastrophe, and I agree with them 100%

Luna coin
Luna coin

Because bitcoin is the goal on which it was founded, it is losing it in the central platforms….. the topic is long as my brothers…

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