what crypto to buy now in 2022 ?? and Safe

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what crypto to buy now in 2022 ?? and SafeMay was a challenging month for cryptocurrencies.

The total market value of all publicly traded tokens and coins, which peaked at $2.97 trillion in November 2021, had dropped more than 50%

what crypto to buy now

to $1.31 trillion by the end of May a figure that was 22 percent lower than its $1.69 trillion market cap at the start of the month. That’s a significant drop for any asset class, let alone one as volatile as cryptocurrency.

what crypto to buy now

The shocking, fast fall of Terra (LUNA) and its sibling token, the stablecoin TerraUSD (UST), whose value was meant to be tethered to the dollar, was arguably the month’s greatest news. The duo wiped out tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization, both losing over 100 percent of their worth.

While LUNA’s glory days are

a number of other cryptos remain appealing, especially after May’s gloom. Here are the top seven cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

best crypto to buy now ??

best crypto to buy now

Without mentioning Bitcoin, the first and most prominent cryptocurrency, any discussion on

the best cryptocurrency to invest in would be incomplete.

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